“Tell me and I’ll forget;

Show me and I’ll may remember;

Involve me  and I’ll understand”


The most important rule in the transference of knowledge is that you have to make a real connection to your audience by asking questions and check if they understand you. This quickens also the learning process.
Last advice: offer a relation to the lifestyle of your audience.

E-learning ask for the same principles. Whether it is a training of new employees, an exposé about pensions or an arithmetic lesson for 9 year olds: E-learning is the most effective if you involve your audience with the content. If you are looking, Clyppy knows where to look for good interactive e-learning software.


With interactive e-learning software, the viewer learns at his pace or level.
Questions and answers keep the viewer continuously involved.
The result is that the percentage who finish the video is 46% higher.
Users rate interactive video with an 8,2 while a linear video scores a 6,1.

Other do’s for interactive e-learning software:
1. Divide the information into chapters
2. Add buttons to repeat or skip parts.
3. Give extra layered information with video within video
4. Ask questions and let the viewer answer within the video


1. transfer of knowledge at a personal pace
2. Flexible learning, time and location at a personal choice
3. Consistent knowledge: everybody get exactly the same training
4. Always up to date: adding new or leaving out old information is so easy.
5. You can address people who learn better through sound and image or both.
6. You get an insight in the learning process by extended statistics.


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