With a complete interactive personalized online TV-station or video on demand system, we create a smart and cost-effective technology to distribute and monetize your video content. A clever mechanism discovers preference and browsing patterns and offers personalized suggestions that earn clicks.
It can help you monetize video content & better your revenue graph.

Knowing who, what, when is watching or sharing, Increases your production value. The video on demand software provides advanced keyword search system thus helping in improving traffic, page views, ad revenues & average time. Discovering preference and browsing patterns makes personalized suggestions possible that earn clicks.  And all that in your design, brand and colors to offer the viewing experience that fits your brand.


Interactive advertising, video subscriptions and pay-per-view, comes as a part of our subscription and video distribution service. Also, determining subscription plans, notifying customers on updates, quick subscription for live videos to choose and watch selected live programs are part of this service. Subscriptions, purchasable assets, online TV subscriptions, all can be done.

The HTML5 player enables adding advertising to you video (AVOD)
Your channel can generate income with pay per view (TVOD) and subscription video (SVOD).
Also with calls-to-action in your video player, such as buttons, products, contact and brochures. Subsequently, event tracking shows you which videos the viewers find interesting and what they’re clicking on. This helps you know exactly which videos convert well.


The most important commerce / advertising possibilities are:
1. TVOD video on demand (pay per view)
2. SVOD video on demand (subscription based)
3. AVOD automated trading
conversion & conversation protocol on the channel and within the films
5. advertising with pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll.
6. push notifications –
7.  statistics / analysis
So, you get true value and the best ROI for your investments with online video.


AVOD stands for Advert-supported Video On Demand. Viewers can watch videos for free but ads are shown at different moments in the video. A portion of the ad proceeds is then returned to the content provider. AVOD is a good earnings model at the moment that you manage to get a lot of views with video content that is interesting for a wide audience. Think of news sites, show business and popular vloggers

You can add pre-, mid- and post-rolls and interactive overlay ads to your video and link with the most important supply side platforms (SSPs) in the ad-network to optimize your ad with real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic sales. VAST and VPAID are the standards that enable to create and publish ads in a uniform manner.

Manage, optimize and analyze your video campaign with the ad network of your choice like Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), SpotXchange, Improve Digital, Tremor, Live Rail and more. You can achieve a higher CPM and ad fill-rate with services such as real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic sales. As a result, your income increases per video impression.

Server-side AD insertion is a new technique. This integrates ads seamlessly in the video stream. Your ads are not visible for AD blockers. Stream your video content with ads easily to all smart phones, connected devices and smart TVs and avoid ad blockers.


With a complete interactive personalized online TV-station or video on demand system, we create a smart and cost-effective technology to distribute and monetize your video content. A clever mechanism discovers preference and browsing patterns and offers personalized suggestions that earn clicks.
It can help you monetize video content & better your revenue graph.

Makes your video content available to your viewers for a fixed amount per month. Video on Demand (VOD) enables consumers to watch videos, films, TV-series and TV-broadcasts whenever they want SVOD means that you can watch video at a fixed price per month of € 9.95, Like Netflix.
Your own over-the-top video channel is where users can get access to all videos or a portion of the video channel at a fixed price per month (SVOD).


TVOD stands for Transactional Video on Demand.
The viewer pays for every individual video that he wants to see (pay-per-view) in this distribution model. Video on Demand (VOD) enables consumers to watch films, TV-series or TV-broadcasts whenever they want. There are two very frequent applications. The video is made available for a period of 48 hours or you purchase the video for unlimited playback. Known examples of this concepts are iTunes and Google Play.
Your own video channel is where users can purchase access to individual videos, video packages or complete sub channels.


You can easily add buttons, products, brochures and fill out forms to your video-player. Online video is an effective conversion tool. You will achieve results in every dimension of your e-commerce You simply add calls-to-action to the video player such as clickable buttons, links, products and brochures. Consumers who watch product videos are more inclined to purchase a product.

Research by Forster shows that interactive video results in more commitment (90% watches the whole video), a significantly higher click-through ratio (5%-12%) and a sales conversion rate (growth 380%). Retailers experience a 45% increase in the average order value. The viewers get directly to the right place in your web shop thanks to in-video calls-to-action. Video increases the SEO value. Product videos on social media generate extra direct traffic to the right place in your web-shop via clickable elements in your video player.


Fill-out forms are an easy and effective way to share knowledge, generate leads and simultaneously expand your email file. Our video player lets you easily add fill-out fields to your video player so that viewers can directly leave their data. This allows you to actively encourage downloading a white paper, planning an appointment, subscribing to the newsletter or getting in contact with your sales and support division.


Digital Video Advertising is fast growing. The total spending on DVA will rise from $ 6,32 billion in 2014 to $15,39 billion in 2019 (PWC). The raise is due to the increased use of the smartphone and the easy online placement of videos. Also to the fact that people remember 58% more of the information of a video than of any other source. Beyond that, online video viewers purchase 64% more than viewers who watch no online video. (Comscore). In short, online video-advertising works better than all other web based advertising.

Clyppy can help publishers to implement the right video strategy: from video content to commercials. Sell more but keep your old customers. Monetize your strategy.


Broadcasters, publishers, governments, entrepreneurs, communities and organizations are constantly searching for new ways to reach their audiences. Now they can take advantage of the new content and commerce opportunities this digital video age provides. Reliable hosting and with all the tools to manage, publish, monetize and analyze all your video’s. This has never been easier.

Engage & enhance customers and employees
Connectivity across the globe with live streaming
webinars for on-the-go learning experiences
Global streaming action & On-demand music live.
Enhance customers and stakeholders worldwide
Make policies, plans clear to citizens
Live stream darshans & ceremonies
HQ audio & streaming video for media houses
Engage & enhance customers and employees
Video branding & last minute opportunities
Crowdfunding and action with live streaming
Recipes and health advices by TV-shows


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