With a unique personal version of your video you can make content which is relevant for every individual viewer. Relevance begins with recognize your viewer as an individual person.
With personalized video, you not only address the viewer personally, you can even tune in the complete content to the need of the viewer. Here are some ideas:
1. Personal lines, welcome your viewer personally. Go further and use some personal data.
2. Personalizing a scène, your viewer sees the scene which is relevant for him or here. Age, family, kids, etc.
3. Personalizing audio/voice-over, you adapt the language to the viewer.
4. A Personal image, an uploaded still can be personalized in the video.


Clyppy gives you a complete design with all the features of online interactive video distribution. An online interactive video-infrastructure knows three basic structures:
1. YouTube brand channels,
2. video-platform with VOD (video on demand)
3. Online interactive TV Channel with VOD (video on demand)
You can engage & monetize with each of these platforms.
With reports and analytics you have measurable insights to better performance and revenue
You get instant traffic updates, we can analyze user behavior and create comparative reports.
We help you convert your viewers into buyers with interactive video.


How do you get and hold attention? Right, with interactive or personalized video. An Interactive video is a dynamic video which reacts to the actions of the viewer. That is how you create relevance.
Interaction is always very important. And with interactive personalized video you can be complete and tell your user all about your product or service without boring the viewer.
There are two kinds of interaction.
1. Branching
2. Interactive overlays


Branching is an added interactive structure to your video.  The viewer decides which part of the content is relevant for him. A linear video cannot do this. Consequently, when the viewer gets bored, he is gone.
So, an interactive video leads to more happy customers. One often used example is answering FAQ’s


An interactive overlay is placed over the video. ‘Buy now’ or ‘Do you agree?’ or asking for other feedback. Branching and overlays are not only easy but also effectively to combine in one video. The active viewer makes choices, sees only relevant information and gives feedback and is so seduced to conversion.


1. lead-generation:
– Fill in a contact form in the video.
– Planning an appointment.
– Subscribing to a newsletter
2. sharing on social media or send a direct email: “Hey darling, look what a beautiful video! 
3. adding items directly to the shop basket
4. giving extra information by video-in-video, text or images.
5. open a second website or APP
6. download documents directly from the video

7. jump to a specific time, part or chapter of the video
8. ask for feedback: What did you think of this video?
9. trigger an event on the page where the video is
10. personalized leading of the viewer
11. add audio tracks: a personally approach, a different language or voice over
12. every click is analysed. This gives you info over the navigation, content and conversion



1. Add personal interaction. Create buttons with which a viewer can ask for extra information. You get a more satisfied viewer who watches the whole video.  And that enhances the conversion rate.
2. Send a big batch of videos to your viewer or load up real-time the most recent data, it is both possible with absolute safety for your viewer data. Your information will never be compromised.
3. Adapt personalized parts of your video automatically through an automatized connection with your customer database. So, you can send a personal video to thousands of customers without any extra activity on your part.


You get true value and the best ROI with online interactive video of Clyppy
Do you want more info? Or advice about an online personalized strategy?
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